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Climb mountains in a miniature world filled with frogs!


If your computer is struggling to run Valley Peaks there are multiple settings you can change to help you out! 

Try lowering the render distance, turning off the grass, checking pixelated mode or disabling increased render scale in the settings menu!


If you are experiencing screen flicker this is most likely due to motion blur. You can disable this in settings if needed.

Scale each mountain completing routes for the local climbing club
to unlock exciting upgrades!

Restore signal to the area of valley peaks by placing radio towers
 atop of each mountain in the area!

Meet the inhabitants of Valley Peaks along the way!

Valley Peaks is a first-person adventure game with a unique climbing mechanic.

You have been tasked to scale each of the six unique mountains in the area of Valley Peaks and place radios upon them to provide signal for the inhabitants.

Whilst the goal given by your company is clear there is plenty more to do in the world of Valley Peaks! The local climbing club will provide you with rewards for completing mountain routes in the area. Once the you have completed a stamp card you can trade it in for one of three unique upgrades.

Other activities include: 

100 golden mushroom collectables!

Speak to a cast of over 80 unique frogs! 

18 climbing routes! 

13 music tracks!

 6 different rock types!

 Two mini-games!

 3 gadget upgrades!

 Shop system!

 In-depth settings menu with a focus on accessibility!


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ValleyPeaks Demo.zip 186 MB
Version 2
ValleyPeaks Mac.zip 191 MB

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Hi! When I first saw the Gifs showing climbing, I thought it would be difficult, but the controls were really good and it was fun to climb smoothly even for the first time. That said, the third mountain was pretty challenging, but I enjoyed climbing it even though I kept trying and going crazy falling to the bottom!

I also made a mini-clip video. Can't wait to see the finished version!

my gosh this is so amazing!!! kudos to the devs!

super cool.

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A great game! it reminds me of a short hike somehow but it also has some things that make it similar to sludge life, like the characters, the glider, climbing, mushrooms, and a evil corporation. Good demo so far, I love the style. I can't wait to see the finished version.


amazing game , recommend it 10/10


This game is so high quality looking and very cute and unique. Its kind of relaxing and fun!


This is a great game, I had lots of fun with it, I especially liked the core climbing mechanic and how it is snappy and tactical at the same time.  I think its really similar to A Short Hike, was that an inspiration maybe, especially when it comes to like artstyle and color choices?


Amazing game. It's a bit difficult, but the accessibility options really help if you have a hard time with reaction time, like me. Seriously please play it! It's peaceful, cute, with a bit of a fun challenge!


Really good game with lots of potential! Just that I encountered a bug where it didn't count me taking the red route on mt. tree and blocked me from taking that route again and stamping it, thus softlocking me out of that third upgrade.... bummer


I felt tranquil while playing this game. it is suprisingly one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences I played in a while. I feel closer to GOD!


Loved the game, though I don't really know where it could go from here. On first sight I instantly compared it to a short hike, but after playing it I wouldn't call them so comparable. the game is very playable, and funnily enough I didn't realize  i could use both arms to climb until halfway up the second to last mountain XD. I happily await the full version! 


Pretty interesting concept. There arent enough of the climbing games like that. Found few small bugs like never ending swimming animation when out of water and all frogs staring at me at all times but I guess that is part of the charm. It needs a little more variety in music for full game but this is already really good mvp. Glider little too good tho XD


I enjoyed climbing up the moutains.

it is easy and speedy ans technical 

though i didn't play all the course, one thing i hate is green-yellow-red block.

it make players climb at right timing but bloking player enjoy speedy climbing

however, this game make me fun !


and sorry for my bad english

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Absolutely adore this game, brought me many smiles and I eagerly await the full game. One bug report on Mac: using the binoculars, the labels showing mountain names/routes finished appear and disappear as you move around and don't always appear when you are actually looking at the mountain!

Edit: Seems related to low render distance as wasn't such an issue once I increased this


We are focusing our freetime on working with games without localization for free. Would you like to talk about it? Let me know if you need any support with it, we just want to help the community.

Cheers :)

Hello! That's an amazing thing you are doing and really fantastic for the community! Right now we can't unfortunately but we will remember you in the future!


game is pretty nice! tho it really lags if you dont have a good graphic card, maybe there could be a way to optimize the graphics so you can see farther ithout lag? appart from that, absolute beauty of a game! would love to see more!


Hello thanks for playing! We do offer some limited graphics options in the description but we understand that this is not enough. Something we will be working on in the future!


happy to hear it! i love the game and i love the way you read and answers each comments! yall are amazing!

Will there be a mobile terminal? I can't wait to experience this game on my phone.

We currently have no plans to port it to mobile unfortunately.


This is a really beautiful game, I had a great time playing it, but does anyone know how to save my game? 


Thanks! Currently there is no function, this would be added to a later release

im stuck on the black rock part in the tutorial bc im on pc and idk hpow im supposedto put my hands and the keyboars n mouse:(


The crosshair will go green when you can grab the rocks. Grab with left or right mouse button. Hope this helps!


Super amazing game! Just being in the world and interacting with all the small things is such a joy! Thanks for making such a cool and happy game.


Thanks for playing 😊


Beautiful game! Fantastic atmosphere all around with the graphics, characters, and music, and I like the climbing / platforming. I will definitely will get this when it's fully released! The demo is awesome and almost already feels like a full game, I've played through it a couple of times.

I'm sure the full game will have more rock/climbing types, but if you don't have these already, these might add some additional interesting interactions: 

  • A rock type- maybe slippery -  that you can't grab mid-air  (need to be touching a rock with at least one hand). You could create longer traversals requiring both hands with this, or make the player leap to a different rock before moving over to it.
  • Using a rock material but inside of a crack, rather than protruding from the mountain face, to simulate crack climbing and adding some visual variety.
  • A rock type that you can only grab from above, or from below. If you maneuver too far in a certain direction you'll fall

I don't know if it's feasible for the scope of your game, but a custom mountain / level editor of some type in the final game would add a ton re-playability and community interaction.


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it, we have plenty of new rock ideas and these are great too!


Beautiful game, can't wait for the full release!
Any chance to add vsync?

We will add it to the list for future updates:)

I'm confused. Is it a demo or the full game? Under "More Information" it says "Released."

It's a demo, should probably change that haha


this is a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it, pretty original, and it was visually nice. Great job, 9/10




Beautiful game.

Challenging, charismatic, interesting. Really one of the best games I have played in this platform.

A very very well done to everyone involved! and thank you for making this.


Can't wait to speedrun this game! Mechanics feel great for a climbing sim. Post em up folks, let's see who's speedy.

Can't wait for a full release btw, I'm with ya! Would love a setting that allows an on screen timer for running when you're ready to ship this bad froggy out.


Glad you enjoyed it, we would love to see speed runners and look to adding features for that in the future 😁 That's already a fast time!

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Yeah this game is great, I've wanted something like this ever since I saw similar movement style in VR. I also like how the gameplay is structured, the general vibe, setting and storytelling. I've made a decent route for any% already and have started working on 'All routes'. I've had alot of fun already and look forward to seeing the rest. 

I managed to grind the time down the 5.71, it might be able to go lower than the real life speedwall record with some more grinding.



I am *very* not good at climbing, but I had a lot of fun! 😁

Great video, thanks for playing!😁


Love the fluid controller motion, never felt janky or weird. A very calm and peaceful game as well with a small twist(this corporation is up to something lol) but characters have emotions and story is very interesting as well. I had a fun time playing it and will finish this demo and full game when it comes out. Awesome job

Very funny video! Thanks for playing 😁

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        Love The Game! Can't Wait For The Full Version! Although I Would Like A Save File System, I'm Going To Guess That It Will Be In The Full Version / Release. Or It Might Be A Game Meant To Be Completed In One Session. Either Way I Will Recommend It To My Friends.  - 5/5 For A Great Demo And Fun Experience!

        Edit - I Found What I Think Is A Bug, If You Glide On To A Mushroom And Keep Holding Ctrl You Can Go Really High Up And Basically Skip More Than Half A Mountain.


        Yeah we will be looking at adding saving in the future! I'm glad you enjoyed it in its current form!✨


        Very good :0) Excited for the full version


        A lot of fun! but please allow for lower sensitivity!

        You can in the settings😁

        I know, what I mean is that even the lowest felt too high, unless there was a bug preventing it from changing.


        This is so, so good... Thanks team, waiting for the full release!


        Great game! Enjoyed every tiny bit of it! Gonna wait for the full version


        please put this game on steam its very good


        Leap, jump and bounce as a mountain climbing froggo in Valley Peaks where the locals are friendly and every mountain is its very own adventure

        Packed full of character and charm, the only thing missing from this demo is a save function to jump back into the action whenever you like.

        Despite this its one of the best games I've played this year and its not even in its full release state!


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        part of me absolutely loves this game, and another part of me hates falling off mountains because i was waiting for green lights on a collapsing rock.

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        Loved the game! I love every part of it.

        I happened to discover a bug - I've taken a screenshot.

        Since there aren't any saves, I started all over after completing a few mountains yesterday.  But in the middle of the dialogue where I choose to stay or to leave, the game froze and I can't make any choices. Esc works and I can see the setting and all but nothing happens even if I click or move the mouse between the two choices. I guess I should start all over again or just wait for the full version to come out. :(

        *I saw the patch just now... Damn I should've downloaded the fixed version. Darn it..............

        Hey, I'm glad your enjoying the game! Really sorry about that! Hopefully the patch should fix that up, it's a very annoying bug!


        Amazing rock climbing experience.  5/5. Would climb that mountain again. Can't wait to see more of this. Keep it up! 

        Thanks for playing!✨


        hello! for some reason, when i try to open the mac build, my computer tells me that the application can't be opened because it's damaged. is this supposed to happen? thank you!! (and i love the look of the game <3)

        Hello, the Mac build is quite experimental at the moment unfortunately but we will be working on trying to get a fix! 

        If you follow our account you will be notified of any fixes in the future😁

        ok! thanks for the quick reply :)

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