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Super amazing game! Just being in the world and interacting with all the small things is such a joy! Thanks for making such a cool and happy game.


Thanks for playing 😊


Beautiful game! Fantastic atmosphere all around with the graphics, characters, and music, and I like the climbing / platforming. I will definitely will get this when it's fully released! The demo is awesome and almost already feels like a full game, I've played through it a couple of times.

I'm sure the full game will have more rock/climbing types, but if you don't have these already, these might add some additional interesting interactions: 

  • A rock type- maybe slippery -  that you can't grab mid-air  (need to be touching a rock with at least one hand). You could create longer traversals requiring both hands with this, or make the player leap to a different rock before moving over to it.
  • Using a rock material but inside of a crack, rather than protruding from the mountain face, to simulate crack climbing and adding some visual variety.
  • A rock type that you can only grab from above, or from below. If you maneuver too far in a certain direction you'll fall

I don't know if it's feasible for the scope of your game, but a custom mountain / level editor of some type in the final game would add a ton re-playability and community interaction.


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it, we have plenty of new rock ideas and these are great too!


Beautiful game, can't wait for the full release!
Any chance to add vsync?

We will add it to the list for future updates:)

I'm confused. Is it a demo or the full game? Under "More Information" it says "Released."

It's a demo, should probably change that haha


this is a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it, pretty original, and it was visually nice. Great job, 9/10

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Beautiful game.

Challenging, charismatic, interesting. Really one of the best games I have played in this platform.

A very very well done to everyone involved! and thank you for making this.


Can't wait to speedrun this game! Mechanics feel great for a climbing sim. Post em up folks, let's see who's speedy.

Can't wait for a full release btw, I'm with ya! Would love a setting that allows an on screen timer for running when you're ready to ship this bad froggy out.


Glad you enjoyed it, we would love to see speed runners and look to adding features for that in the future 😁 That's already a fast time!

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Yeah this game is great, I've wanted something like this ever since I saw similar movement style in VR. I also like how the gameplay is structured, the general vibe, setting and storytelling. I've made a decent route for any% already and have started working on 'All routes'. I've had alot of fun already and look forward to seeing the rest. 

I managed to grind the time down the 5.71, it might be able to go lower than the real life speedwall record with some more grinding.



I am *very* not good at climbing, but I had a lot of fun! 😁

Great video, thanks for playing!😁


Love the fluid controller motion, never felt janky or weird. A very calm and peaceful game as well with a small twist(this corporation is up to something lol) but characters have emotions and story is very interesting as well. I had a fun time playing it and will finish this demo and full game when it comes out. Awesome job

Very funny video! Thanks for playing 😁

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        Love The Game! Can't Wait For The Full Version! Although I Would Like A Save File System, I'm Going To Guess That It Will Be In The Full Version / Release. Or It Might Be A Game Meant To Be Completed In One Session. Either Way I Will Recommend It To My Friends.  - 5/5 For A Great Demo And Fun Experience!

        Edit - I Found What I Think Is A Bug, If You Glide On To A Mushroom And Keep Holding Ctrl You Can Go Really High Up And Basically Skip More Than Half A Mountain.


        Yeah we will be looking at adding saving in the future! I'm glad you enjoyed it in its current form!✨


        Very good :0) Excited for the full version


        A lot of fun! but please allow for lower sensitivity!

        You can in the settings😁

        I know, what I mean is that even the lowest felt too high, unless there was a bug preventing it from changing.


        This is so, so good... Thanks team, waiting for the full release!


        Great game! Enjoyed every tiny bit of it! Gonna wait for the full version


        please put this game on steam its very good


        Leap, jump and bounce as a mountain climbing froggo in Valley Peaks where the locals are friendly and every mountain is its very own adventure

        Packed full of character and charm, the only thing missing from this demo is a save function to jump back into the action whenever you like.

        Despite this its one of the best games I've played this year and its not even in its full release state!


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        part of me absolutely loves this game, and another part of me hates falling off mountains because i was waiting for green lights on a collapsing rock.

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        Loved the game! I love every part of it.

        I happened to discover a bug - I've taken a screenshot.

        Since there aren't any saves, I started all over after completing a few mountains yesterday.  But in the middle of the dialogue where I choose to stay or to leave, the game froze and I can't make any choices. Esc works and I can see the setting and all but nothing happens even if I click or move the mouse between the two choices. I guess I should start all over again or just wait for the full version to come out. :(

        *I saw the patch just now... Damn I should've downloaded the fixed version. Darn it..............

        Hey, I'm glad your enjoying the game! Really sorry about that! Hopefully the patch should fix that up, it's a very annoying bug!


        Amazing rock climbing experience.  5/5. Would climb that mountain again. Can't wait to see more of this. Keep it up! 

        Thanks for playing!✨


        hello! for some reason, when i try to open the mac build, my computer tells me that the application can't be opened because it's damaged. is this supposed to happen? thank you!! (and i love the look of the game <3)

        Hello, the Mac build is quite experimental at the moment unfortunately but we will be working on trying to get a fix! 

        If you follow our account you will be notified of any fixes in the future😁

        ok! thanks for the quick reply :)

        Deleted 1 year ago

        Very fun and good-looking game!


        Hi, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

        -The story, the ideas thrown into the game, it's main concept, everythings feels quite awesome and original.

        -The gameplay mechanics are fantastic and really enjoyable to experiment with using the enviroment the game provides.

        -The visual style of the game and it's atmosphere have some nice "A short hike" vibes while having a lot of personality on it.

        -This game has potential in a lot of ways, I can perfectly imagine people speedrunning the "climbing" part of the game and chilling out too without thinking about climbing fast at all.

        Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



        Absolutely wonderful game. So chilled out and so many little details in the world I could walk around for hours. Thank you!!!

        Thanks James!!😁🐸


        Amazing game! The visuals are so cute and the gameplay is very satisfying!
        I know this is still a demo but it's already quite complete and as a casual rock climber I can attest that the experience is the closest I've had to real rock climbing in a game.

        Only complain: at the end of the game when I have the option to stay or not, the game got stuck and no option either space/F or any other key would get me past that state.

        Thanks for playing!😁 We have been having that issue with a few players. If you don't mind saying, are you using a QWERTY keyboard?

        Yes, QWERTY set on Canadian French.

        Okay thanks for the info, we will patch a fix for it soon😁


        Great game! We've posted a short playthrough video on's YouTube channel: 

        This is amazing!!😁 Thanks for the feature!

        Is there a way to save? I want to conquer every route on every peak but I don't have time for that in a single session.


        Unfortunately not at the moment but this is something we would like to add. However, the game is non-linear so you can go back and complete routes in any order😊


        Mamma mia! I think I found my dream game!


        Love this game! I played the first three mountains and had a great time. Slight shame that the demo doesn't have a save, but that's ok. I'll play again in a couple of days and do more mountains. It's a really cute game. It slightly reminds me of a short hike, it's different but feels equally relaxed.

        Also, really nice controls as well once I got used to them. I had a bit of a dumb moment until I realised each mouse button corresponded to an arm.

        Hopefully you're planning a full release? Any vague timescale?


        Hey, glad you enjoyed the demo! No timescale as of yet but if you have Twitter you can follow us for updates on a future release😁

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        Nice, I will do!

        The game was very fun but I do think the game would be better suited for a platform like VR. The controls were okay but hard to use. The graphics were stunning. I do think other platforms would be good but to me, it feels like more of a VR game.

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        great potential for a full release with more complex character interactions, plot and gameplay, although it is already very fun.  Also is there a way to download the soundtrack? cause it slaps

        Hey thanks for playing!😁 You can find the soundtrack here:

        No mention of pressing 'F', and I tried it and nothing happened.  I also don't know how to choose one of the two options, since ADSW doesn't move anything and neither does the mouse -- my only option is to hit  'Esc' and quit/restart the game.

        (cant include screenshot, "Request To Large" from

        The "assist" options are a very good idea for a game still testing, I was able to "infinite jump" to get back to this point quickly for testing.

        hmm okay thanks for pointing it out, we will take a look😁


        Amazing game! I love everything about it! The art style, gameplay,  the eerie vibe going on, mini-games (though I didn't find the second one), the fact that there are different routes for every mountain (I got all 18 of them :D) and most importantly... FROGS! 

        My only complaint is about the gliding since it didn't work sometimes. Also, I feel like Mt. Cone is way more difficult than Mt. Thunder, in my experience anyway. 

        I'm wondering, are there gonna be more mountains to climb on in the full game? And also other things to do, like helping that one frog find their bracelet and other stuff like that? 

        But yeah, overall, great game! :))


        Hello, thanks for your kind comments, and we are happy you managed to get to the end!

        For the future we plan on expanding the game in every aspect from mountains to narrative😁

        P.S The glider breaks when you bump into mountains, we probably need to make this clearer or change it!

        (using I can't get past the first barrier.  It instructs me to "press left or right mouse button go grab the dark rocks" but clicking does nothing, and aiming at the dark rocks does not change the crosshair to the "grab-able" icon.    Mouse works for starting menu and settings menus.

        Hello, I think you need to get closer to the rocks. The crosshair will change to green when you are in range to grab:)

        (1 edit)

        Okay! I didn't realize I had to get that close.  I did get further, but got stuck after completing the third mountain -- it asked if I wanted to come home or stay ("press space bar to confirm") and didn't react to any keypresses or mouseclicks.  I could still hit 'esc' to get the menu.  May I make a feature request for save-game, so i needn't do it all in one sitting?

        I'm glad you got further 😊 did you press's F to get to the two options after? We maybe weren't clear on that end sorry.

        We plan on adding a save feature for a later release😁


        Love this! The artstyle and options for it and everything else is really nice, and the gameplay is fun. Audio is relaxing.

        I have found one bug though, this occured at the large tent near the start of the game. If you hold on to the tent, jump and press f, you will fly upward while talking, and fall back down when the conversation is over.

        playable for 32 okey?


        Great game with amazing mechanics and music really god job dev 


        Despite the cartoonish nature of the art style, (and being able to stop time to double jump lol), this game looks like the most realistic climbing simulator I've ever seen.
        Amazing work. 👍♥🧗‍♀️


        Thanks for your kind comment😁❤️


        Loved it! I wasn't too good at the climbing mechanic at first at all, but I slowly got the hang of it. I had to stop thinking of it as parkour and realize my froggy hands could also slowly make it up the mountain. The shader work, overall artstyle,and player controller are all fantastic. The glider is real neat too.

        Lots of charm. Many frogs.



        Hi Suggo! We are really happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for the lovely comment🐸😁


        I'm SO impressed!! I found this game on the front of the featured section here, and I was instantly in. I think I spent a good hour on this demo, and I got all 6 towers! I got all routes for the first four mountains, but for Mt. Cone and Mt. Thunder my skills just didn't measure up!

        The game was super polished and the climbing was fun! It was difficult, but in a good way as the mechanic felt intuitive and easy to learn.

        My only complaints are: The gliding felt a little iffy sometimes and wouldn't deploy while I was in air, which prevented me from saving myself from falling down the ENTIRETY of Mt. Cone. And then the lack of content! I'm sure that'll be remedied in the final version though. I think this is a game that would benefit greatly from a bunch of secret/hidden away areas to hunt down and explore :)

        Definitely counting this in my best of 2021 so far, and I'm super excited for the full release.

        What are your plans for full release? Will it be similar to the current version, just with more surrounding content? Or will we start to see the aftermath of the phone towers?


        Hi Mopi! We are really happy that you enjoyed the demo, it means a lot to hear from players! We plan to expand the world and the narrative along with the radio towers, but we can't say too much...;)

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